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We harness the power of Air, providing you with air compressor & pneumatic systems solutions.
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Compressed Air Services is your source for
air compressor and pneumatic systems.

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CAS specializes in VFD-VSD variable frequency drive rotary screw air compressors to save 30-40% on your company’s electric bill.

CPVS 100

Champion/Gardner Denver Reciprocating Air Compressors - made in the USA

Compressed Air Services proudly offers:

CAS offers products such as Lubricants, Air Dryers, Air Filters, Receiver Tanks, Pneumatic Valves and Drain Valves

We service all makes and models and provide Consulting and Engineering services for new Compressed Air and Pneumatic Systems, as well as existing systems.

We provide Leak Detection, Energy Audits and Maintenance Programs that are designed and carried out to ensure system efficiency and improve overall performance.

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Service Area:
CAS directly serves a four-state area including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia from our location in Hagerstown, MD. We are strategically located to provide prompt service to our customers.

Nationally, and even internationally, we have "Partnering" arrangements with the Manufacturers we represent so that, no matter where you are, we can connect you to the services that you require.

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