Air Compressors

Compressed air systems are our primary focus at CAS and Sullivan-Palatek compressors are the heart of our systems design. With a full line of rotary screw compressors ranging in size from 3 to 800 horsepower, we can design a system to meet your needs, no matter how large or small.

We also carry a full line of conditioning equipment to meet your clean air requirements:
CAS also carries a full line of reciprocating compressors, as well as vane and diaphragm types. The newest addition to our product line is the ZW Oil-less rotary screw compressors. Custom-built Rotary Screw & Piston compressor systems are designed to meet customer specs.

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Properly designed air compressor system


A properly designed Sullivan-Palatek system will save you between 30-40% of the electricity required to compress air.

An energy efficient and environmentally friendly system includes compressors, dryers, filters, receivers, drain traps and oil-water separators, perfectly matched to your application.

Sullivan-Palatek and CAS meet your needs from shop air to compressed air of the highest quality, such as oil-free or even breathing air. You can count on us for 24 hour service and on our continued commitment to quality and technical advancement.



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